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[July, 2017] Started working for People-Aware Computing Lab, Cornell University. Will be working on mPerf project (Using mobile sensors to support productivity and employee well-being) and other mental health/wellbeing projects!

[June, 2017] Our abstract about weekly sleep regularity at Sleep2017 was press-released. See more about it here "Sleep regularity is important for the happiness and well-being of college students"

[April, 2017] Selected as a mHealth Scholar for the NIH Training Institutes for mHealth Methodologies.

[March, 2017] We will organize the 1st Workshop on Tools and Algorithms for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Pain, and Distress at ACII 2017 in October 2017.
Papers are due June 15, 2017.

[Feb, 2017]
2017 IEEE International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics

[Dec, 2016]
NIPS 2016 Workshop on Machine Learning for Health

[Nov, 2016]
The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston

[Dec, 2016]
Updated CV and publication list

[May 2016]
We presented at CHI 2016.

[April 2016]
We presented at ADAA 2016( Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

[December 2015]
We presented at the NIPS multimodal workshop in Montreal, Canada.

[November 2015]
Launched our SNAPSHOT study project website.

[October 2015]
Oficially finished my PhD!
Presented "SNAPSHOT Study: Measuring College Studentsí Sleep, Mental Health and Wellbeing" and demoed at The 2015 Harvard Medical School, Division of Sleep Medicine Annual Poster Session.

[September 2015]
Presented papers about HealthSense Project at MSR last summer and our SNAPSHOT/College SLeep project at MIT at ACII2015 in Xi'an, China.
The book chapter I wrote with other researchers was published "Intelligent Mobile, Wearable, and Ambient Technologies for Behavioral Health Care"

[August 2015]
Defended on August 13.Understanding College Studentsí Sleep, Stress, and Wellbeing using Wearable Sensors and Mobile Phones
Thesis defense abstract

[July 2015]
A paper about the health-wellness project I worked at MSR last year will be presented at ACII 2015, China in September.

[June 2015]
Defending in August!
Several papers from our group were accepted for IEEE EMBC 2015.

[May 2015]
Our first paper from the College Sleep project (with the Harvard Brigham Womens' Hospital sleep team) was presented in Body Sensor Networks 2015 in June.

[March 2015]
Finished a thesis proposal critique presentation! Will defend this summer.

[September 2014]
Back to MIT!
Our journal paper "Quantitative analysis of wrist electrodermal activity during sleep" was accepte for International Journal of Psychophysiology.

[June 2014] Started interning at Microsoft Research Redmond, VIBE Group.
My paper "Comparison of Sleep-Wake Classification Using Electroencephalogram and Wrist-Worn Multi-Modal Sensor Data" was accepted for IEEE EMBC 2014 in August!
Our paper "The Moment:: a mobile tool for people with depression or bipolar disorder " (the project with Sky Huang (Mass Art)) was accepted for the demo in UBICOMP in September 2014!.

[May 2014] I presented about a mobile phone application to improve sleep "Got sleep?" at CHI workshop in Toronto Canada.

[Mar 2014] I will present at "Big Data Becomes Personal: Knowledge into Meaning", AAAI Spring Symposium Series in March at Stanford.

[Nov 2013]
I will spend next summer at Microsoft Research in Redmond!

[June 2013]
My paper "stress recognition using wearable sensors and mobile phones" was accepted for Humaine Association Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII 2013), held in Geneva, Switzerland in September.

[March 2013]
My paper about predicting memory consolidation with wearable sensor data was accepted for IEEE Body Sensor Network, 2013 held in May in Cambridge, USA.
Finally submitted a journal paper on my EDA sleep work for the past two years to psychophyiology and done with my general exams!

[Jan 2013]
Spent three weeks in Shenzhen, China as a Media Lab trip. We visited bunch of factories and markets and learned and rethink about manufacturing.


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Physics123 (Harvard)

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MAS 581 Networks, Complexity, and Their Applications

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MAS.863 How to Make (Almost) Anything
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MAS836 Sensor Systems for Interactive Environments
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MAS 622J/1.126J: Pattern recognition and analysis
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