The 3rd International Conference on Activity and Behavior Computing Best Paper Award 10/2021
NIH Research Career Development(K25) 9/2021
NSF Career Award 4/2021
Sony Faculty Innovation Award 2020
Microsoft Pandemic Preparedness Award 2020
Microsoft Productivity Research Collaboration Award 2019
2019 Rice University Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering: Hamill Innovation Awards IEEE BHI 2019 Best Paper Award 6/2019
NIH mHealth Training Institute Scholar 08/2017
NIPS 2016 Workshop on Machine Learning for Health Best Paper Award 12/2016
NHK Ideathon, Frist Prize Winner 05/2016
MIT MindHandHeart Innovation Fund Recipient 01/2016
Samsung Electronics Research Fund Recipient 08/2013
AAAI Spring Symposium Best Presentation Award 03/2014
Sony Corporation Patent Award 03/2014
MIT Graduate Student Travel Grant 06/2013
MIT Global Fellows Program Recipient 06/2013
Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship 09/2010 - 08/2015
Rotary Foundation Scholarship 09/2009 - 08/2010
Danish Government Scholarship 09/2004 - 03/2005
Keio University Scholarship 04/2004 - 03/2005
Keio University Scholarship 04/2002 - 03/2003
Keio University Scholarship 04/2001 - 03/2002
Yoshida Scholarship Foundation 04/2003 - 03/2005
Keio University, Best Thesis Presentation Award 09/2002
Obara Shiraume Scholarship Foundation 04/1999 - 03/2003

Selected Press

  • Irregular Sleeping Patterns in College Students, 12/2019

  • 2019 IBB Hamill Innovation Award winners announced, 12/2019

  • Do Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?, MIT Sloan Management Review, 1/2019

  • NSF announces awards to shape the human-technology partnership for the well-being of workers and their productivity, National Science Foundation, 11/2018

  • Enhancing cognitive abilities for healthier work, Rice University, 11/2018

  • Happy with a 20% chance of sadness, Nature News Article, 10/2018

  • Artificial Intelligence is Real (and Now), The App Association, 8/2018

  • Can AI Learn to Understand Emotions?,PBS, 2018/05

  • Sleep regularity is important for the happiness and well-being of college students, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 05/2017

  • Japanese Researchers in New England: Dr. Akane Sano Research Scientist in MIT Media Lab, Consulate-General of Japan in Boston, 10/2016

  • The Personality Trait That Makes It Harder to Focus at Work, Jocelyn K. Glei, New York Magazine, 10/2016

  • Brain Drain: The False Lure of Multitasking, Catherine Maddux, Voice of America, 05/2016

  • Why I Wonder if Wearables May Harm Our Health More Than Help, Rita Redberg, The Wall Street Journal

  • Can your mobile phone make you healthier?. by Kelly Servick, Science Magazine, December 10, 2015

  • Eyeing College Stress, Sleep Patterns. by Karen Weintraub, Boston Globe, November 16, 2015

  • Invited Talks:

    -Affective Science Symposium, Method Session "Ubiquitous and mobile emotion sensing" (2019)
    -Keio University (2018)
    -MD2K (Mobile Data to knowledge) Webinar (2018)
    -Rice Data Science Conference (2018)
    -International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) (2018)
    -Gordon Research Seminar on Advanced Health Informatics (2018)
    -Rice University (2017)
    -University of Washington (2017)
    -Johns Hopkins University(2017)
    -University of Massachusetts Amherst (2017)
    -The Japan-US Science Forum in Boston (2016)
    -Philips Research (2015)
    -Keio University (2014)
    -Rutgers University (2013)
    -Future of Health Technology Summit (2012)
    -Reading Rotary Club (2010)
    -Tokyo Rogary Club (2010)

    Selected Talks

  • University of Washington, Allen School Colloquia - 2017-04

  • MIT CSAIL HCI Seminar - 2017-03-07

  • Real-world Monitoring of Sleep, Akane Sano, MIT Media Lab with intro by Renata Bushko, Founder, Future of Health Technology Institute FHTI at Future of Health Technology Summit in 2012

  • Others

    Akane meets How to make (almost) anything
    Media symphony & Media Solo (Live Ustream programs [mostly in Japanese])
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